An on-line survey conducted by www.consult.australia indicated that:

1. Over 44% of all Internet users now identify business and business-related research as their primary Internet application.

2. The gender gap is closing. 63% of users are now male (previously this was 72%).

3. 25% of all users have shopped on-line and a further 31% have used the Internet to make or support purchasing decisions

4. The impact on the other media remains high - 57% of all users are watching less TV and 30% are spending less time in situations where alternative mediums will reach them.

5. The average Internet user is 34 and has a combined household income of $57,000.00

6. There are over 1.2 million Australians using the net every day.

These statistics clearly indicate that the Internet has become a powerful marketing tool, rather than just a realm of information.