A web site is perhaps the least expensive of all forms of media. LET US HELP YOU take full advantage of all it has to offer.


















Domain Name____[TOP]

To list you web site in the internet directory, so to speak, you must first have an address. This is called your domain name and usually appears as below:


You can choose different domain name endings, like com, com.au, net, and others. To secure your claim to this internet address requires a registration fee. Depending on your domain name prefix the registration varies. A com.au registration is currently AUD$135* for two years.

Registration is approved online and can take from 2 to 7 days to be activated.

*Prices subject to change without notice.


Web Hosting____[TOP]

To make your site available to the public you must first host your site with and ISP (Internet Service Provider)

There are many ISP's offering hosting facilities,with varying services and price plans, the choice is yours.

We can advise you on the right hosting service and plan to suit your web site requirements. We highly recommend WebCentral, Australia's largest web hosting facility. Pricing plans start from $25 per month.


Web site development____[TOP]

All In House Digital web sites include custom graphics and banners. Any logos or existing graphics are converted to a web savvy format and new elements are created. Copy is written as required and all work must be approved by you before being published. Your site is then marketed and listed with the major search engines so that it can be easily located.

Inclusions of site construction are as follows: concepts; scanning; page layout; prewritten CGI and JAVA scripts; archive CD; construction of all icons and graphics components; listing with major search engines; basic marketing and uploading files. Copyright of web components become the property of your company after final payment.



The web site concept requires the most development time, and represents the bulk of the work required for any web site. The concept will give you an overall look and feel for the site. Approval or changes to the concept will be made available within a 24 hour turn around time.

The number of web pages on a site varies depending on the information you want to provide for your customers.



Standard gif animations are produced for general rollover buttons, alert buttons and banner advertisements.


Flash, Shockwave and Java____[TOP]

Flash and shockwave presentations allow a greater freedom to design a more interactive experience than a standard web site. The effectiveness of your site can be enhanced with music and sound effects, vector video and animation.



Integrating a database into your web site will allow you to collect information about your consumers and give them greater control to search for specific information. Databases allow you to create user profiles and restrict login users to specific information.



The use of the telephone, fax machine or any electronic device to purchase products, goods and services.

The internet and eCommerce is more than just enabling sales and purchases over the internet, it offers businesses the opportunity to reinvent the way they conduct their business and to explore competitive advantages that previously did not exist.

With secure credit card transactions and real-time transaction approval, the internet is becoming a global market place for everone who makes the decision to embrace the technology.

At In House Digital, we can design and customise your web site to suit your specific needs. Providing you with options to expand as the market demands. Talk to us to discuss your online store options.



Web Marketing____[TOP]

General web marketing involves listing your web address with the major search engines. We ask that you provide a list of key words that best describe your company, products and services. This description is critial to making your site easier to find.

As a business on the internet your customer market is no longer restricted to your local area, it's global. To reach this audience effectively you must advertise on the internet.

At In House Digital we can provide you with specific information about this new form of marketing. You can select a national or global campaign, target specific web sites, categories or geographic regions. We can customise your advertising campaign to meet your needs.

You can reach your local consumers through banner advertising targeted at consumers based on where they live or access the Web. By targeting based on exact location, you can distinguish residents from tourists and segment messages for advertisers accordingly. Targeting by geography and user-defined content category enables you to reach a local audience with interests specifically attuned to your particular product or service.

Geographic targeting offers the versatility to target by city, state or region. Defined groups of interest, including such topics as news, business and finance, sports, travel, culture, health, search, and entertainment.


Web site management____[TOP]

In House Digital provides a full service to all our customers, including web site management. This involves updating your existing web site with new relevant information. This helps your customers access the latest information and products your company has to offer.

Updating this information requires extensive technical comprehension on how the Internet works and how to connect directly to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to access your web page data. The staff at In House Digital understand all the technical information required to update and maintain your web site quickly and effectively.

For detailed information and pricing please call our office.


Web Training____[TOP]

If you prefer for your web page to be updated by one of your staff, In House Digital can provide comprehensive training. Managing your own site requires the purchase of specific software and Internet access. If your company can see this as a viable alternative, please contact our office for more details.


Quotation ____[TOP]

Please contact our sales staff to discuss your web requirements. We can advise on cost effective solutions and alternative technologies suited to your web requirements.

Terms of Trade

Upon approval of our written quotation, we require a 25% deposit to commence work on the project. Within 7 days, you will be presented with a screen concept. The concept will give you an overall look and feel for the site. If you are not satisfied with the concept, simply tell us, and we will produce a further concept in line with your recommendations. From this point, your site will typically be completed within 14 days. Upon completion of your site, our training officer will, upon your request, arrange a mutually convenient time to visit your office. Once the training and installation are completed, a final invoice will be presented. We ask that you pay on receipt of the account, as we are unable to issue credit.

Maintenance Contract

Your quotation includes a 14 day limited maintenance contract. The purpose of this contract is to allow you time to read through and view all aspects of your site. Should you wish to alter elements of your site within this 14 day period, these changes will be completed at no charge. The maintenance contract does not include changes to the approved concept.